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New to the Community? Here's everything you need to know!

  • 3 March 2022
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New to the Community? Here's everything you need to know!

Is this your first visit to our lovely company community? Welcome! We’re super happy to have you here!

What are we doing here?

First things first, what are we actually doing in the community? Well, our community is meant to be useful for both new and veteran customers, your level of expertise does not matter. That’s the beauty of our little community here, we have a TON of expertise circulating daily about our platform, best practices, and use cases—It really is an endless list of possibilities. 

As we’re writing this in July of 2022, our Community is quite new. We’ve got big plans for continually adding more and more valuable content though, and hope that you’ll become a regular contributor here!

5 tips to ask your question the right way

Asking questions is not rocket science... you think? If you ask your question the right way, you will get better answers, faster. Here are some tips:

1. Before you ask, search first!
Make use of our awesome search function. 🔎 Always to be found at the top of the page, to make sure you will not get lost.


Lost anyways? How? No worries, next to the search bar you are always welcome to ask a question or start a discussion.

2. Don't hesitate
Feel too shy to ask something because you think it's a stupid question? Don't worry we all have been in that situation once. We love to help around here. As long as you stay friendly, nobody will ever judge you, we promise. 🙏

3. Keep your data yours
Cannot stress this enough. You don't want to expose your users' email address in a screenshot, or post your office phone number for further questions. Any posted questions should never include links to your account, please keep questions general or reach out to our technical support team for assistance with a specific issue or bug. We’ll be doing our part to help you with this by moderating your posts before they go live, meaning that we’ll be your second pair of eyes to make sure you’re not giving away anything protected. 

4. Provide all information
Too often we assume others know what we're talking about. Don't forget to describe exactly which part of e.g. which integration, campaign type, etc you are asking about. What is it that you want to achieve, where are you stuck?

5. Make it visible
A screenshot can make a big (!) difference. Don't let people puzzle together which button you are speaking of, show it! (just be sure to keep sensitive data out). 


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