Community Code of Conduct

Hello and welcome! Thanks for signing up to the Community, it’s great to have you on board!


We have created this space for users to collaborate, connect, learn, and share their tips and tricks with each other. It’s important to us that everyone who wants to get involved can do so in a safe space, and that everyone knows what to expect when they join. For that reason, we’ve created some basic guidelines for your actions in the Community. Your participation is subject to these, and our Moderators will hold everyone to the same standards.


Show Patience

In order to create a Community that is as rich and full as possible, we have a lot of places where our users can interact with us and each other. Plus, everybody seems to have full schedules these days! This means that your question may not be answered immediately, but please be assured that notifications have gone out to the right people and your question will be addressed as soon as possible. Please don’t ask the same question more than once, as this could make things much more confusing for us, and for you. 


Be Respectful is a global company with employees and users from all walks of life and backgrounds. That’s one of our favorite things about this Community - we get to bring all of that together in one place! We’re all here for the same reasons and wanting to do our best work, so please treat everyone in our Community with respect, kindness, and empathy. Whether you’re a total beginner or a 5-year power user, everyone is seeking the same knowledge and sense of community here (no pun intended). Our priority as the providers of this space is to make sure that it is a judgement free zone where everyone can feel welcome. Any instances of bullying, derogatory comments, offensive behavior, or slander will never be tolerated and always result in firm action from our team.


Privacy Is Golden

It’s so great to see people sharing use cases and tips, but please make sure that you don’t include any personal information. Either your own, or your customers’. Our moderators will help with that, but please remember that everything you share will exist on the internet for everyone to see. Be vigilant of your own content, and be a pal - point out to other people if you notice an accidental overshare of personal information.


Give Credit Where It Is Due

As we all start to share insights and material with each other, it becomes likely that we’ll see users re-posting advice or work from other people. This is great! We want to encourage this, but please make sure you give credit to the original creator or poster if you do share someone else’s work. 


Stay Classy

We’re all grown-ups here, but please keep the content classy and free of anything that could be called out as NSFW. Again, our moderators will be on the lookout for this but you can save yourself a lot of time by keeping things tailored to a PG audience. 


Search, Then Ask

Our bank of questions and material is available to you at all times. You’ll also see our help docs being suggested for you as you search, meaning that there are multiple avenues for you to explore before posing your question to the Community. We want to encourage conversation, but in order for everyone’s questions to be answered in a timely manner we ask that you check available resources first and make sure that you’re trying to only ask questions that don’t yet have the answer you need.


No Soliciting

It’s tempting to give this a shot when you’re in a forum full of likeminded experts, but we want to keep our focus on the intended purpose for this Community. We’re not trying to sell anything to you, so please afford us that same courtesy. Even in DM to other users. 


Get Involved

The team will always be delivering new content and guides for you, and answering questions where needed. But we created this space so that we could hear directly from you, and let you interact with other users! Please don’t be shy, and strike up some conversations with your fellow knowledge-seekers.


See Something, Say Something

We’ve got a solid moderation process in place, but if anything slips through the cracks that you feel doesn’t adhere to these guidelines, we want to hear from you. Clicking “Flag” via the three dots on the bottom right of a post will alert a Moderator immediately and we will take the necessary actions. And that applies to user-based content and based content. We want to hear from you if we aren’t meeting expectations ourselves. 

Have Fun

Guidelines are designed to keep everyone on the same page, and set a safe and welcoming standard. As long as we can all adhere to these and treat each other like the wonderful human beings we are, all that’s left to do here is have fun. Get stuck in, make friends, share insights, and enjoy!

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