Webhook-Triggered Campaigns vs Events

  • 15 October 2023
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Webhooks offer a great way to integrate your platform with Customer.io. However, users often find that standard messaging actions such as emails are not available in webhook-triggered workflows. This post discusses this challenge and proposes viable workarounds.



The issue arises when trying to trigger a campaign using a webhook. The availability of standard messaging actions seems to be limited in such scenarios, posing a hurdle that needs to be addressed.



As webhook-triggered campaign are set up to deal with incoming data, they aren't necessarily attached to a profile. This is why standarad messing actions such as email aren't available in webhook-triggered workflows.

What you can do, is send an event back to Customer.io from your workflow. This will allow you to trigger a campaign for a specific profile and any messaging involved in that. Here is what this would look like on a high level:

  1. Webhook campaign is triggered based on incoming data
  2. Event is sent based on an identifier in the webhook data. Any other webhook data necessary is passed through as event data
  3. This triggers an event-triggered campaign for a specific profile, with any message actions such as email.

An alternative to this, would be to leverage our transactional messaging feature which you can look into here: https://www.customer.io/docs/journeys/transactional-api/



While it might initially seem limiting, the absence of standard messaging actions in webhook-triggered workflows can be circumvented. Using events triggered from the workflow or opting for transactional messaging are excellent problem-solving approaches. As our platform continues evolving, remember to stay updated for more versatile features in future updates.

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