"Sunset" segment and deleting profiles

  • 13 October 2023
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Whether for billing reasons, account cleanliness, or deliverability, you may encounter a need to remove profiles from your account that no longer hold value to you.

A common case that we see this need arise, is among users that run a service with a free trial. As time passes, they will find themselves with a large volume of profiles who used their free trial but didn’t convert. After many months go by, these profiles are essentially useless as the likelihood of seeing a return and conversion is low. 

Not only would it lead to deliverability issues if you were to continually message these profiles, but you will also be paying for these profiles to exist in your account at no ROI.

For this reason, we recommend limiting your messaging and database to your most engaged users, and either exclude or completely delete these profiles that haven’t shown any engagement with your messages or product for some time.

The way that we suggest doing this is to set up a "Sunset Policy". We outline the process here, but it involves two steps:

  1. Create a segment which looks at engagement. You can customise the timeframes for whatever you define as "engaged" for your use case, but the segment could look like this:


  2. Next, use this segment to either exclude people from your campaigns in the trigger stage, or if desired, delete the profiles from the "People" page. Use this segment as a filter, and you'll be given the option to select all profiles. Once you have the profiles selected, you can opt to delete them. Deleting a profile is a permanent process, so we won't be able to recover any data from a deleted profile at a later point.

Here is some more information about deleting profiles: https://customer.io/docs/journeys/deleting-users/#deleting-people-from-the-people-page

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