Send a Sequence of Daily Emails

  • 13 October 2023
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If you are setting up a campaign and wondering about the subsequent sending process, you are in the right place. The common question that arises is whether setting a Time Window is enough for consecutive day emails to be sent at a specific time or if there is a need to further separate them using a time delay. This post provides a comprehensive explanation of the process.



We recommend using both a time delay and time window to effectively send emails consecutively at 7am each day. Here's why: the time delay ensures that emails are sent with a full 24-hour cycle or a set amount of time in between, while the Time Window guarantees that the email is delivered during a specific time range. You can sequence these together like this:

  • Configure the Time Window to ensure that the email goes out at 7 am
  • Set a time delay to ensure that a full day passes between emails

Here is what this could look like:


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