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  • 22 September 2022
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We have a #new-customers channel in Slack which announces every time a company starts a new subscription with It looks something like this:

:sparkler: New Customer
Name: Company (
Plan: Customerio Basic $150 month
Time to Conversion: 11 days
See them in: Link to internal tool


I love being able to get context just by scanning, and sometimes the domain and company name doesn’t tell you a lot about the company.


What if we could grab a screenshot? There has to be an API for that. I found Screenshot API which is free for up to 100 screenshots a month.  


Grab the domain to screenshot

We can split the domain out of the email address using Liquid. (Thanks @nimiramedve for improving my original approach!)

{{ | split:"@" | last}}


Send an API request to ScreenshotAPI

We’re using a “Get” request for simplicity and limiting the size of the screenshot to 800 x 600. Then we’re returning JSON to parse in{{ | split:"@" | last}}&width=800&height=600&output=json&file_type=png&wait_for_event=load


Add a screenshot to a customer profile

We’re passing 2 fields from the response and adding them to the customer profile: The screenshot URL as well as when we took the screenshot as a reference. 


Add the screenshot to Slack

Then once you’ve set the screenshot, you can add it to your slack notification like: 

{% if customer.website_image_url %} | <{{customer.website_image_url}}| screenshot>{% endif %}


It’s a great low overhead way to give your team a lot of context about new customers signing up for your product! Hope you find it helpful. 

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