Campaign Walk-Through - B2B Lead Nurture Based on Buying Intent

  • 19 December 2022
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Campaign Walk-Through - B2B Lead Nurture Based on Buying Intent - Watch Video


This is a demo of a new workflow idea that I am building and testing to provide more valuable content to new leads after signing up for one of our webinars or downloading a gated content piece. Long term, my goal is to nurture these leads towards starting a trial or requesting a demo. 

Some folks might have buying intent right away — they are evaluating tools or thinking about alternatives to their current tech. For these folks, I want to help make booking a demo or starting a trial as low-friction as possible. More commonly, we’ve found that people are lower-intent — just exploring how other people use, or simply were interested in a specific topic (retention). 

Therefore, I am launching this campaign to send more targeted and relevant content based on their buying intent. Here are a few interesting things in this campaign. 

  • The first email asks what they are looking to do next, and this determines their next steps
  • Based on their response, it branches them into different nurture paths, with content and cadence catered to their indicated level of interest
  • Sends slack alerts to internal team members if someone is high intent
  • Each “intent level” branch eventually flows into each other — high intent leads who don’t book a demo move into medium intent after a few touches, and then into the low intent nurture after a few more.

How are you nurturing leads? I’d love any thoughts or feedback on this approach, and happy to talk tactics and strategy. 

1 reply

What are you doing if people don’t click one of the three buttons in the first email? Sending a reminder email or putting them down the low intent path?

What do they see when they click the three buttons in the first email? How is their response being tracked?