Passing Device Information to Customer Profile

  • 13 October 2023
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Our product strives to provide seamless synchronization between our users’ mobile apps and the platform. However, there may be instances where information about the device may not pass through the 'devices' section on our customer profiles. This tutorial covers a solution that addresses this.



Some users may find that device information isn't being updated in the 'devices' section of the customer profile when notifications are enabled on the mobile app.



Firstly, verify if the SDK (Software Development Kit) is being utilized and what version is in use by applying the filter 'cio_sdk_version exists'. If the SDKs are installed correctly, they should automatically update the device information.

Note that the current versions of the SDKs for both iOS and Android have been updated, and it's recommended to use the latest version. If you're not using SDKs, update the device token using the appropriate API endpoint. Always confirm the SDK version with your engineers and consider upgrading if using an outdated version.


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