Is the expo plugin rich push setup still needed?

  • 9 January 2024
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We are new to and love it so far!

Our product is an expo mobile app. We have followed the steps in the documentation regarding the setup of the expo plugin. 
Although we have NOT setup the rich notifications, we are still able to send push notifications with deeplinks in the custom payload. 
So we are wondering what exactly we would be getting from setting it up? 


5 replies

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Hi @GuillaumeMiara ,


Glad to hear that you’re up and running using the Expo plugin following the SDK documentation. While it is not strictly necessary if everything is working for you to send push notifications , we do recommend setting up rich notifications for better and more reliable metrics tracking using our SDKs. 


When you enable Rich Push on iOS, it will allow opened and delivered events to come through automatically for push metrics


Hope this helps!



Hello Penny, 


Thanks a lot for your quick answer!
Interesting, this is something else that we seem to be getting without enabling rich notification in the expo app.json . 

I am not complaining that we seem to be getting these features for free without enabling rich push but I am surprised :) 


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Hi Guillaume,

Oh that’s great! Glad to hear that the push metrics are all coming through successfully and that’s the best case scenario! 😊




The only thing is that I don’t understand whether or not we have rich push enabled at the end of the day 😅. 

We seem to be able to use all of the features while explicitly not having `ios.pushNotification.useRichPush` set to true!
Could it be that the documentation at is outdated? 

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Hi @GuillaumeMiara ,

Apologies I might have missed out on this earlier - I noticed you mentioned earlier that you were able to send the deeplinks using a Custom Payload. 

For Custom Payloads - as long as your app is set up to handle the payload format, then it would work as expected. You can read more about that here in this section of the documentation: 😊

In terms of using the Rich Push option - if you’ve integrated our SDKs then it skips the step of having to develop your app to handle some custom payload features.

Hopefully this helps to better clarify!