iOS device token registration via customerio-react native lib

  • 20 October 2023
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Hi, IOS devices don’t add to People Devices. Other things on IOS works well, events are tracked.
On android devices all works good :)

1 reply

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Hi Michal,


Byron here from the technical support team.


Without knowing more about how you have the SDK configured and other app details, it’s tough to say exactly why iOS devices are not synced to your profiles.


If you haven’t had a chance to review our troubleshooting guides, I recommend starting there. We have a bit of info regarding device sync between staging and production builds, if that is relevant to your situation:


If you haven’t already tried updating the SDK to the latest version, I recommend that step  in case we have already resolved an issue related to device syncing:


Once updated, try enabling debug logging in the app and then try to sync the device to a profile to check for errors in the logs:


If you continue you see the issue, would you mind writing submitting a support ticket for the issue?