In-app messaging configuration

  • 5 November 2023
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We are considering implementing in app messaging. We are wondering about the testing options; what are the easiest ways to ensure the messages will show up properly for all devices? Are there format suggestions/limits regarding the number of signs and resolution for images for example, that are considered tried and tested across the board??

3 replies

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Hi Katrina,


When it comes to in-app messages, we would always recommend updating and using the latest version of the SDKs (especially mobile SDKs) to ensure that everything works as expected.


There aren’t specific format suggestions or limits for images that are considered tried and tested across the board but generally speaking the height of the in-app message is dynamic depending on the amount of content added to the message but the width maxes out at 400px on web. It might scale down a bit on mobile if the device is smaller than that but I hope this gives you a starting point when considering the size of images to use.


I’ve also linked the help documentation for getting started here for your easy reference:


I hope this helps! ◡̈




Thank you so much for your response; this is really helpful. Following up, I’m just wondering if there are any indicators that will help us know if, for some devices, the in-app messaging is not working. We’ve encountered similar problems with other services, so I’m wondering if there are any logs or events we can implement for testing that will be helpful for us to ensure readiness to launch?

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Hi @Katrina,

We typically rely on the in-app metrics ( to to know whether the message was opened (meaning delivered and displayed). And if in your testing, you find that perhaps the metrics are not matching up, then investigate further from there to see if there might have been something that is not set up properly.