How to display date with timezone in the right language

  • 11 April 2024
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I managed to add the timezone as a second parameter of the date filter (but this not explained anywhere, this doc does not work, I don’t know where to find relevant doc)
For example {{customer._created_in_customerio_at | date: "%H:%M %A %b %d, %Y" , "Europe/London" }}

But I’m stuck to display the timezone with the %Z: "%H:%M %A %b %d, %Y %Z" (got it from this doc => it gets “12:50 Monday Apr 08, 2024 %Z”

And I’d like to display the month and day in the users language, but did not find how. I tried:
{{customer._created_in_customerio_at | date: "%H:%M %A %b %d, %Y" , "Europe/London" | language: "fr" }} => 
{{customer._created_in_customerio_at | date: "%H:%M %A %b %d, %Y" , "Europe/London", "fr" }}

{{customer._created_in_customerio_at | date: "%H:%M %A %b %d, %Y" , "Europe/London", "FR-fr" }}

Please help :D 


1 reply

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This is Byron from the support team. It sounds like you may be running a template on our latest version of liquid, which currently does not render the %Z tag as a timezone. We recently submitted an issue for this to our product team for review and it looks like they have prioritized the request to work on resolving it in an upcoming cycle. 

In the meantime, here’s some additional info about the two liquid versions currently supports: