Lead generation - identify users of existing customers versus new ones

Hi community,

Currently working on ideating a B2B lead gen initiative and evaluating a seemingly challenge.

We want to create LinkedIn ads that link to a lead form on our website.

The ads (and form) are targeting individuals who are part of organizations that we call Brands.

We need to be able to identify and mark (e.g. segment, attribute, etc) whether the individual that fills-in the form is part of an existing customer organization (i.e. Brand), or a new one/prospect.

What would be the most efficient way to achieve that?

Is there any chance that we could generate a dropdown list in the lead gen form of our existing Brands, that individuals can choose from? We have created a custom Object type for the different Brands, as well as we are using user attributes to store these.
We have few options for lead forms, but thinking to use Webflow.


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