Subscription center questions

  • 5 April 2024
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Hi Team, 

I am working on incorporating subscription center and I have couple of questions:

  1. Can I get a data on number of contacts per preference? (I guess I can build the segment?)
  2. Is there a way for me to monitor the unsubscribe rates based on a certain topic I have?
  3. Can I monitor unsubscribe based on a topic + lanugage? I wanna identify the topic that drives the most unsubscriptions and the ones that is the most frequently subscribed? How can I achieve that?

Your help is greatly appreciated!

2 replies

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Hi Johanan,


Happy to jump into these questions with you.

Creating a segment is the way to go here! We have some more information about how you could set this up here: This doesn’t just allow you to see the current number of contacts subscribed to each topic, but can also give you an insight into how this changes over time via seeing the changes in subscription membership.


I wasn’t quite clear what you meant with your last question, however it sounds like you may be looking to see which emails specifically are causing the unsubscribes. If so, we have some more information about this here:


Let us know if you have other questions here that we can help you with!

Thank you @Ryan_cio  it’s very helpful!

Just as a feedback as I looked into your docs: it would be nice to add some visuals to this part:, meanwhile I get where I have to click it would be nice to add some screens into it. 

Thanks once again!