Retrieving data past the 30 day mark

  • 14 February 2023
  • 2 replies

I'm trying to retrieve some attribute data from 2 months ago. I only see in the UI data from the last 30 days, is it possible to retrieve data that's older than 30 days? Or is it gone forever?

2 replies

Hey Jasmine,

Thought it best for you to hear directly from the team on this one seeing as it’s a bit nuanced!

I'm afraid it's not currently possible to view event activity older than 30 days in the interface or through our APIs. 

You can find some details about this in our documentation: Historical events older than 30 days are removed from the UI and APIs, but they are still available for segmentation.

To elaborate a little on that, events that are older than 30 days will be logged for use in segmentation (e.g., "page viewed" has been performed at least once within the last 60 days"), but they will not appear in your activity logs. To get more historical data, you may want to consider syncing all older data from into a data warehouse.

I hope this explains a little more about the options here Jasmine! Apologies if this feels limiting, but it’s a decision that was made to maintain UI performance in a real-time manner. The trade off is worth it, I promise!

Cheers :) 

Hi SuperNat!


This was indeed helpful, and you were right, more of a curiosity thing rather than concern. Knowing it doesn’t appear in the UI but can still be used for segmentation is helpful to know moving forward. We are evaluating data warehouses now so this it’s also great to keep in mind to use that as a backup for older data. Thanks!