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  • 19 October 2022
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It appears that does not have a native lead scoring mechanism. Has anyone solved this in a not too technical matter?


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Hey rihards --

While there is no native lead scoring capability in, it’s pretty easy to build out one for yourself based on what you know about the relative value of your prospects’ behaviour. 

I think this video that Jacob, one of the Solutions Architects at, put together explains it really well. I’d definitely give that a watch. 

Basically, the solution includes using the Create/Update Person action in a campaign workflow to increment/decrement a lead_score attribute based on events, attributes, and/or message behaviour.

Following this example, you’d want to set an attribute called lead_score that increases or decreases based on actions prospects take on your website or with your messages.

For example, you can build an event-triggered campaign when a prospect requests a whitepaper that increases their lead_score every time they perform an event like whitepaper_download.

Add a Create/Update Person action to increase/decrease the lead_score.

In the loom example, he increased the lead_score by different values based on the whitepaper_name. You can do this with a liquid if statement. Liquid tags are all outlined here:

You can also increase/decrease lead_score based on how they’ve interacted with your emails. In this case, you could check back 3 hours (pick your timeframe) after sending the whitepaper to see if they downloaded it or not. If they did, increase the lead_score. If they didn’t, decrease it.

Hope that helps!