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  • 24 January 2024
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Dear community,

I wanted to customize (increase) the border radius of my in-app messages to fit better our platform design.

However it seems that even if I update the first “message padding” block in the blocks tree, there is always a grey with a border radius of 4 behind, which fills/removes the bigger radius of the message in front.
See an exaggerated example here, you can see the white radius on top of a grey card:


And here is the setup of my message in, with the border radius added to the first block in the tree:


Has any of you managed to modify this overall border radius on the popup?




Best answer by Matlesca 24 January 2024, 13:12

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I already found a solution, it may help other users.

Adding some custom css in my app made the trick:

#gist-message.message {
background: transparent !important;

Then the grey background is not shown and the first block’s padding is the one that counts: