In-app message reappearing multiple times after button clicked

  • 25 October 2023
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Hi team. Has anyone had this problem before? 

When receiving the in-app message and clicking on the CTA button, the in-app message continuously reappears over and over again. This is happening when sending test in-app messages and also for in-app messages in live campaigns and broadcasts. 

Checked the settings and there is nothing that looks strange and nothing that could be causing this. Our engineers also investigated and were unable to find a problem. 

Thank you! 

1 reply

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Hi Bianca,


This is Byron from the technical support team. 


It looks like we’ll need some additional information about the in-app messages that are being sent and an example of one of the profiles you used to verify the issue. Would you mind writing into the support team at and sharing a link to the campaign or broadcast that sent the in-app messages, along with a link to the profile that received multiple messages?


In the past, we have found that there was a backlog of messages that were previously sent and not delivered for a profile. When this happens, as a message is closed, the backlog delivers the next message in the queue. When multiple of the same messages were sent (usually for testing), it could appear that the message is displaying a second or third time, when it’s really another copy of the message that was sent. We can look into this more once we have a little more info.