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  • 29 August 2022
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Hey Community!

I'm trying to figure out where to host images in Any tips? 





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Hey Chloe!

Choosing your desired asset management method should be determined by your preferred message composer. email composers leverage different asset management methods depending on the composer (Drag and Drop, Rich Text, Code, etc...). 

These separate services don’t interact with one another (images uploaded to Drag and Drop won’t be discoverable in the Rich Text asset library), but you can always copy/paste an image URL from either service if you for some reason need to share assets between composers.

I’ll highlight a few common management scenarios I’ve seen before.

Drag and Drop Editor

The Drag and Drop asset manager is accessible when adding an image block to a message. 


The Drag and Drop “File manager” (pictured below) is where assets are hosted and maintained in this composer. I’ve seen many customers get creative with their image/asset organization. Most commonly, customers leverage folders to maintain a clean directory.

Here’s an example of folders below -

Note: Moving assets between folders or changing names of files will impact the destination of the URL. For this reason you should avoid naming/folder updates to images after they’ve been added to active campaigns. 


Rich Text and Code Editor

Similar to Drag and Drop, you’ll access the asset library in the rich text or code composer by adding an image.

The Rich Text asset manager does not support a folders structure but it does offer various social connections to third-party services should you wish to host your images and files outside of

Leveraging this asset manager allows you to quickly capture an image URL for copy/pasting into raw email or to quickly edit a hosted image directly from the manager.

I hope this summary is helpful!

Hi Travis! I appreciate such a detailed answer! and special thanks for the kitty pic😍


Hi Chloe! I want to add to Travis’s detailed answer. Using broadcasts to create an image library is often easier as it requires less steps than creating a campaign (although you may have a campaign in draft that will only be used for image library management).


You can create a new broadcast (you don't need to select an audience) and then create a new drag-and-drop layout. In the editor, you can add an Image content block, where you can then upload as many photos as you need for your layouts and templates.
From there, you can click on the 9e789ac97326d66e96799631462da7da.pngicon to open the image in a new tab where you can copy the URL, or you should be able to right-click on that icon and copy the URL without opening it.