I'd like to set my account with only Email as the ID - why can't I?

  • 24 November 2023
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Hey there. We want to avoid duplicates and our internal events provided via Segment only give us emails. However, when I try to set up a new workspace I can’t delete the ID. I can only delete email as an identifier. 



2 replies

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Hi @Johnny ,

It isn’t possible to delete the id attribute from being used as an identified as a default. However, you can enable email to be used as an identifier (so your workspaces uses either id  or  email) so that when events are being sent from Segment, the profiles can be identified by the email address attribute. 

This help article will walk you through how to enable email as an identifier in your workspace:

Hopefully, this helps to clarify and get you moving along in the right direction! 


Hello @Penny 

Thank you for sharing your experiences. I found the solution of the same issue.