How to use Page View meta data from the JS SDK

  • 15 November 2023
  • 1 reply

Does anyone have experience or tips on how I can use the meta data such as referrer from the JS SDK to create a Event or update an attribute? 

1 reply

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Hello @Andreas  👋

Page Views event data isn’t accessible right now I’m afraid. We do have an open feature request around this which I will upvote on your behalf. 

As a workaround, it might be possible to capture this data on your web app but we can’t detail exactly the steps to do this.

If you have development resources, you could capture the Page View data and pass that in an identify call from your backend.

You could also pass that along to your website's front end as additional data added to the request headers. When the "identify" call is made from the JS Snippet, you could pass that info along as a profile attribute.

I hope that helps!