How long does store data for?

  • 14 February 2023
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As the title suggests. How long do you retain my data? Is it different for different things such as campaigns vs attributes vs event triggers vs api connections etc? Thanks!

1 reply

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Hey there,

I’ll answer your question under the assumption that it’s a curiosity rather than a concern, but please raise a flag if it’s actually the latter! retains all the data sent to your account until you delete it or your contract/account is terminated. Once an account is terminated, the data is retained for about another 60 days as it filters out of the system of backups, and then the team performs a manual check before permanently deleting it. Any information you delete from within your account is similarly retained in backups and filters out over about 37 days.

Bear in mind - only displays 30 days of data in the Activity logs so that account performance isn’t degraded by super high volumes of historical data. But you can still use segmentation and people-level filtering to group your profiles based on their entire history (not just the past 30 days).

I hope this answers what you need today :)