How Do I Turn Off Dark Mode?

  • 22 August 2023
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Is there a way to force turn off dark mode? It creates a difficult contrast with the text pngs we use. If it’s not possible, is there away to upload custom fonts?


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Hi @ziobruh ,


If you’re currently using our Drag-and-Drop email editor, it would not be possible to try to force 'light-mode'.

When using our Code Editor you can insert meta tags to help try to force light mode for your email content. 

<meta name="color-scheme" content="light"><meta name="supported-color-schemes" content="light">

But with that said, the actual behaviour does vary depending on the recipient’s email client. Using the Code Editor, you can also test your message in light or dark mode. You can find more details outlined here in our help documentation:

Having said all that, we recommend creating content that works for both light and dark modes; per a recent article ( link):

  • According to a recent study, 81.9% of people use dark mode on their phones.
  • 82.7% of survey participants said they use their operating system’s dark mode.
  • 64.6% of respondents expect sites to automatically apply a dark theme.
  • Dark mode can reduce battery usage up to 63% on AMOLED displays.
  • Adoption rates for Apple iOS dark mode are between 55–70%.

In addition, Litmus provides a helpful guide for dark-mode emails on their blog:


With regards to using a Custom Font, If you're using our Drag-and-Drop editor, this is limited to the fonts you see there. We keep this selection limited to these ones as they are fonts that we know behave best across different email clients.

If you need to use a custom font, we do have some documentation on how to use an HTML block to import web fonts here:

You can also find some information on using web fonts with our custom layouts here:

Unfortunately, fonts don't always display as they do within the email editor due to settings within the specific email provider, inbox, and device. To guarantee the most consistent experience across different email clients and devices, we recommend you use what are considered 'web-safe' fonts, or at least set one as a fallback font..

Litmus has a great article and references that lay out what percentage of devices honor which fonts as well as details how to set a fallback font:

Hopefully this helps!