Do you support geolocation by IP?

  • 15 February 2023
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Wondering if there’s a way I can target customers but location via IP address


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Hey Alisha, doesn’t have a geolocation feature that provides automatic pinpoint location matching based on IP. But you can still get close to what you need with some work.

There are a few ways you can target users by geolocation in CIO, depending on the data you have available and how exact you want to be about the location. And one option is indeed by IP. I’ll detail all of them for you!

Opt 1: Timezone matching is an easy method, which will let you send messages based on what timezone your customers are in. Obviously, there are a lot more specific location options inside the EST timezone, for example! But if you’re looking to optimize for each customer’s individual 9am window, it’s a great option. Bear in mind - this requires that you send us location attributes for your users' profiles.



Opt 2: If you have the IP address of their customer, you can send that to us and use a webhook to geolocate that all within The webhook will need to reach out to an IP lookup service (something like and then send that pinpoint location back to It’s a little more technical due to the webhook element, but this should help:



Opt 3: Similarly, if you have their billing address you can do the same thing with a webhook. This is pretty much the same thing as above, but using the billing address instead of the IP :) 

I’d recommend option 1 as the best way to get up and running quickly, if you’re looking for advice!

I’m trying to use the webhook method here. 

I can see that customerio captures the iplocation using pageview, but there’s no way to store this as an attribute to then send via a webhook?