Can I add a column to the people dashboard to show 'last visited' time?

  • 28 September 2023
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Seems like a useful data point to show, but by default I don’t seem to be able to add this as a column? Am I missing something


6 replies

It looks like I can included it when I export people to a CSV file. But I can’t add it as a displayed attribute??



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Hey Nick,

you can simply click on the columns button “Edit displayed attributes” on the right side of the people’s table 😁


Thanks Felix, I see that option. But the reserved field _last_visit isn’t available in the ‘edit displayed attributes’ screen, so I can’t make a client dashboard listing all customers by recency

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Hi Nick,

I believe the reason for this is that "_last_visit" is not considered an official profile attribute. As a result, it is not included in the list of selectable attributes when adding or removing columns. This is consistent with how you check "_last_visited" in a segment condition, where you don't define the condition using an attribute. 

On the other hand, attributes such as "_created_in_customerio_at" are officially recognized as profile attributes and are listed in the profile attributes section. Therefore, they can be easily selected.

I hope that clarifies! 🙂




Ok thanks. I worked around this by creating a custom attribute (last_app_visit) and push through a times ramp from pageviews in segment which achieves the same thing.

however would be good to have more flexibility to customise the people dashboard (as well as sort by column). Guess I add this as an idea?

Hello there,

See if you want to add a column to the people dashboard you can access the dashboard settings and look there for Manage Columns or Add Column. Choose the data type as 'Date' for the new column over there and label it as Last Visited.

If the dashboard is linked to user accounts, integrate the 'last visited' timestamp from your database or tracking system then save the changes.

I hope the above will be helpful as It worked for me when I was doing my minitab course.