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We are currently on a CIO startup plan and are looking into integrating transactional emails for our SaaS app. If I understand the docs correctly every transactional email send through the system creates a new CIO profile or uses existing profile matched by recipient email. This poses a question for our implementation, since our app will be sending transactional one-time emails to external users that I do not want to keep track of. And since number of profiles are the main pricing metric in CIO I would like to keep this number low.

Is there a way to send transactional emails without creating a new profile for each email sent?
Or is it better to use some other service like Mailgun?

Thanks for any information.

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Hey Leon,

I also wondered why they imolemted it like that but it is true, they create a profile. You can delete a person via API after you sent the message. That might be a solution for you. CIO us actually using Mailgun to send the emails, but you can still check if other SMTP services might be cheaper.


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I totally understand your thoughts. But as is a customer engagement platform which is around your customers or users that you want to track (and onboard, re-engage, up-sell etc) it makes sense that it’s built like that. I would rather separate mails that you do not want to track to a different service (and maybe just track the sending events to as interaction in case your users are initiating those emails to others).

This way you have a clear separation of the 2 systems even if it’s tempting to have everything in one.