Stats for Topic Unsubscribes vs. Unsubscribe from all

  • 25 August 2023
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Wondering if anyone has any benchmark data for how many people click the “here” link to unsubscribe from all (assuming you have topics enabled), vs. how many just unsubscribe from a specific topic and stay otherwise subscribed.

If anyone can provide ratios or percentages, that would be awesome!


6 replies

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Hey Tracy,

I assume here you link in all emails only to the subscription center and you do not include the default unsubscribe link in the emails? That is actually an interesting approach!


I can’t provide you with benchmarks actually because I think this is a kind of specific scenario. Do you have a specific goal here? Maybe then you could do an A/B test, such as including both links to subscription center and unsubscribe in the email.


Hope that helps,


Thanks Felix. I probably should have been more specific about the “here” link I was talking about. On this page in the documentation (, it takes you to the topic unsubscribe first - then has the option to “Manage all your subscription preferences here.” I would think that everyone clicking the unsubscribe link would be opted out of the topic, but how many take that extra step of clicking to manage their subscription preferences and opt out of all messages. My guess is that it isn’t many, but just wondering if anyone has any benchmark data.

(We haven’t turned it on yet, so I don’t have any of my own stats. We are getting questions from the data team because turning on topics would require changes in the data feed. So I’m having to justify the change from the global unsub vs. topic unsubs.)

Thanks all!

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Hey Tracy,

thanks for clarifying. I don’t think acutally there will be any benchmarks. I am pretty sure actually there is no way to track the clicks there in CIO.

I think your idea is great. I have seen a nice example where the company add something like this at the bottom of the email:

You can unsubscribe at any time here, but most of our subscribers choose to get less email from us by choosing specific topics here.


It’s hard to say if it would lower unsubscribe rates, but I think it would be worth a shot. I have no idea about your setup, but maybe you can doublecheck with the data team if there is actually a need to change the data structure since the topic management would be only in CIO, no?




Felix --

“ since the topic management would be only in CIO, no? “ - my thought exactly! I don’t think there is a need for a data change either. I think all that needs to be sent to the CRM is global unsubs, not topic-level. But I was asked the question, so I attempted to find an answer. 🙂

Thanks for the responses!

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You’re welcome. Don’t hestitate to connect me via DM as well. Happy to help!

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Hey Tracy,

I just found out you can actually track the topic unsubscirbes. See this article 😉