Send Rate for API Triggered Broadcasts

  • 13 September 2023
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I cannot find the option for send rate on API Triggered broadcasts. This feature is on the newsletter broadcast. Is there a way to throttle the rate on API Triggered broadcasts?

Why do i want this? When sending a lot of emails, my website gets slammed by I believe email bots checking the links in emails. To limit the number of requests from inundating the website, I want to apply a send rate to some of my emails. Broadcasts are meant to be sent to a lot of people and should have the ability to throttle the sending.


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Hi @ayoo ,

At the moment for API-triggered broadcast, it isn’t possible to set a send rate. You’re absolutely right that this feature is available on a normal newsletter broadcast. 

This is because the API-triggered broadcast is dependent on your API trigger request. In this case, one potential workaround would be break up your recipients into different segments, so that you can throttle your sending by only sending to 1 segment at a time for each request. 


We definitely hear where you’re coming from on this! We have an open request for a feature like this that our team is tracking feedback on and I have upvoted it on your behalf so that our product team knows this is something that would be useful to you.

Appreciate you taking the time to share your use case and feedback with us here!