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  • 28 December 2023
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Hi Everyone, I am having a hard time understanding how to customize emails. In other systems like Mailchimp and Activecampaign you select a merge tag and it replaces it with the value stored in the profile. Here it gives a variable error. Do I have to use liquid for everything ? I have a VA setting up the email campaigns and they are not going to know how to create the liquid syntax, is there a way to simplify this I looked at docs and cannot figure this out and I have used a ton of email services before.

Any guidance to make this easier.



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Great question! Depending on which editor you use, there may be ways to simplify adding liquid tags to render profile attributes in your emails.


In the drag-and-drop editor, the toolbar should display a merge tags option which will list out the available attributes and snippets that can be used with liquid.



In the rich text and code editors, you can add liquid tags by clicking the + icon in the sample data section of the editor.


First, move your cursor to where you want to input a liquid tag.


Then, on the sample date on the left side of the editor, click the + icon next to the attribute you want to add and we’ll add the valid liquid tag for the attribute.