Map webhook event information to specific link in email

  • 12 November 2023
  • 2 replies

I’ve set up a webhook so I get an event when en email is opened or a link in an email is clicked. I would like to map this information to a specific email and a specific link in the email. Is there a way to retrieve the message templates and the links in them?

2 replies

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Hi @hjhlarsen

You can use a webhook action to your workflow and add the specific link into a profile attribute.

By doing so, you can leverage Liquid to retrieve the links and add them into your email templates. 


You can learn more about it here:




That’s not what I’m looking for. I’ve set up a webhook in Data Pipelines, so I get notifications when users click links in emails we have sent out via The data we get may look like this:

    "event": "Email Link Clicked",
        "action_id": 88,
        "campaign_id": 1,
        "customer_id": "xxxx",
        "delivery_id": "xxxx",
        "href": "",
        "journey_id": "xxxx",
        "link_id": 2,
        "recipient": "",
        "subject": "Welcome to your new workspace",
        "userId": "xxxz"
    "type": "track",

This data contains a link_id, I would like to map that to a specific link in our message template. I can probably do that manually, but would prefer to automate that process.