mail with time delay based on first mail, not previous mails

  • 23 March 2023
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I’m building a campaign for new trial users. The first mail is a typical welcome-mail. Then follows a group of mails based on in-app behavior (great, you’ve realised A, now go do B) and time delays.
But the onboarding campaign should always end with a mail to upgrade the account 14 days after the welcome mail, not taking into account all delays that happened in between. What is the best way to do so?


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3 replies

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Hey Tom,

you could send out the welcome email as usual and then let the users wait 14 days until they received the upgrade the account email.

Once they received the welcome email you can select them in a separate segment “if user received welcome email” and start your in-app behavior workflow from there.


Hope that helps,




Hey Felix, 

Thank you for the quick reply. Not sure I fully understand.

Do you mean with 2 seperate campaigns

  1. a campaign with the welcome and trial ended mail
  2. a campaign with all the mails based on behavior and time.

Or do you mean within 1 campaign?

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Hey Tom,

yes, that is exactly what I meant. I think this should be more easier to handle in the future as well sind you might want to add more emails to the two flows separatley, e.g. for users who are not using the app. You could set up more emails in the “welcome and trial end” flow and send them only if they never interacted with the app.