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  • 15 February 2023
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How to receive inbound mails and send it through a webhook to my project


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Hey Manash,

This is a bit of a complex question, but I’ll do my best to give you an option to explore.

To answer your primary issue, I'm afraid it's not currently possible to track replies within

While there isn’t a way to track email replies, you can track link clicks in emails, including a reply link in your email content. One workaround we can offer would allow you to track when that link is clicked.

You would want to use this Liquid format to ensure your mailto link is tracked:

{% cio_link url:'' track: true url_params: false %}

Once this is added to your email content, you can create a data-driven segment that will capture anyone who clicks the link. For instance, in this segment, I am targeting anyone that has clicked my mailto link in "Email 1" of my "Previous Purchase Promo" campaign:


Since you want to track whether they clicked on the "Book a meeting" button as well, you could also add an OR condition for that link within your segment conditions.

Then within my campaign, I set up a True/False Branch with a segment condition for this specific segment:


You could also use this segment condition as a message action condition instead of on a True/False Branch. You can also set a second message condition for having opened the email. For instance:


That said, one drawback may be that someone clicks the link but doesn't necessarily send a reply.

Sorry this is a bit of a long route around, but until there’s a feature for reply tracking this will need to be the way you work. Or… one more hack I’d suggest here would be to have an event sent to when a reply is received and then use that event as a goal and exit condition for the campaign. This is something you could probably achieve with a third-party tool like Zapier.

Hope this helps!