How to verify email domain with Google Workspace

  • 31 January 2024
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The docs don’t seem to line up with what I’m seeing.

My domain is hosted on Namecheap, but my MX records are managed by Google Workspace. It looks like Google has changed how they manage MX records--there is no place to edit the records. So now I’m not sure how to verify my domain. In Namecheap, my MX records don’t point to Google. Instead, Namecheap has native support for Gmail. I’m afraid to switch it to manual and explicitly point to Google MX records for fear of losing emails during a switch/mistake. 

2 replies

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Hi @ypgrandstand 

I believe our Technical Support team can take a closer look at this. I’ve reached out via message to get some details to pass along.

That is not necessary. I figured it out. I manually changed my MX records on Namecheap and didn’t lose any emails! :D The issue is really on Namecheap’s side by offering a “black box” Gmail option for MX records. I switched it to Custom MX and manually entered in all the necessary records for Google and 

I think the confusion was that I expected to edit MX records on Google’s side.