How to send internal email notifications when a form is filled out

  • 1 August 2023
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We’ve got forms on our website and we need no be able to send email notifications to the appropriate people internally when they’re filled out (in addition to a campaign that might be created in association with that form).

What’s the best way to do this? Transactional emails? As part of a workflow? Didn’t really see an immediately obvious way to set this up so any help is appreciated!


Thank you!



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Hi Rose,

Great question, you can absolutely do this within the same or separate campaign within the workflow.

In my example below, I put both emails in the same campaign:


Once the form submission is received, the profile person (form submitter) is triggered for this campaign journey.

The first email is the internal email to your team. Specifically in the “TO” field of the email, you would list the team members in your company who would receive this email: 


As the email recipient is specifically your team, the actual person who submitted the form would not receive this email. 


The next email is to the person who submitted the form by using Liquid and the customer’s email attribute in the “To” field: 



Both the emails sent would be attributed to the same journey from the same form submission and to the person who submitted the form and in their activity logs, you would be able to see both deliveries (even though the actual form submitter would only have received the “Thank you email”):


Hopefully this helps! :) 

Thank you Penny -- this helps enormously! :)