How to send emails to addresses within event data?

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We have a “team” feature in our product where customers can invite team members to their organization within Request Finance. We would like to send an email with when a team member is deleted from a team. We have an event for this that contains the email of the deleted team member.

However, when we create a segment based on this event, it contains users that deleted their team member, and not the members that were deleted themselves.

How could we create a segment with the users that were deleted?




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Hi Alejandro,


Thank you for reaching out! Hope you’re having a wonderful day. 

In this case, I am thinking perhaps our Objects feature would be best here. However, there are some limitations to do doing this currently, for example, especially in terms of relationship-based segments where people enter segment-triggered campaigns when they join (or leave) a segment. But when you create a relationship-based segment, a person only joins the segment for their FIRST relationship to an object matching your criteria. This section within our documentation goes over this in more detail:

You can see a list of some future features that are coming for objects here, and I think the triggering off object changes will potentially meet your need. I will certainly share your use case with our team that is working on objects so they can see how you want to use them and take your needs into consideration as we build out those upcoming features.

Hope that helps provide some ideas and see what is coming that could make your idea much easier. Let us know if any other questions come up.


Have a great weekend, Alejandro!

Hi Amy,

Thanks a lot for your answer. I’m exploring Objects now and I’m a bit lost.

  • How do you add attributes to the objects? It seems I can’t add attributes unless I add some instances of such objects, which seems counterintuitive because I need attributes to know whether or not some entities qualify as objects.
  • How to add relationships to People? I don’t see that option - screenshot attached.

I’ve tried adding relationships in bulk too, but still, I can’t find the option where the documentation says.