How many accounts are usually in a shared IP?

  • 29 January 2023
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Hi there, considering going on a shared IP for some of our marketing messages. Just curious, how many accounts are typically on one shared IP Address?


What are some of the benefits of being on a shared IP? Does take action if a bad actor is tanking our the IP’s reputation? Thanks in advance!

1 reply

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Hi Kayla!

My name is Mike and I’m the Deliverability Services Manager here at  Happy to weigh in!  

Our real consideration for shared IPs is overall volume, and the goal of managing how many accounts are on a given shared IP is really based on keeping that volume under control as opposed to a specific number of accounts.  With that in mind, the number of accounts on a given IP can definitely vary depending on sending volume.

With regard to reputation and performance, sending from a dedicated IP is always a better option as there is no way to truly take control of your IP reputation when sharing an IP with other senders.   If you are sending a minimum 50k emails per week (or a steady volume of 4k emails per day), then a dedicated IP is the absolute best option as it eliminates the possibility that your deliverability could be impacted by others.

We monitor our entire platform for several indicators of potential bad actors, and work quickly to either educate them on Deliverability Best Practices, or remove them from the platform if they are violating our strict Anti-Spam Policy.  We also monitor our entire network for impactful blocklistings, spam trap hits, and a number of other indicators to identify potential bad actors.

If dedicated IPs are something you would like more information about, definitely get in touch with us at