How can I track my inbound emails?

  • 20 June 2023
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Hello guys,

I'm reaching out to seek your guidance on implementing a solution that involves using's services to anonymize communications between two individuals, with my email address serving as a proxy. I believe utilizing a webhook may be a suitable approach for this requirement.

Here's an overview of the desired workflow: Person A sends an email to my email address, and I would like to trigger a webhook that intercepts the email content. The webhook would then forward the email to Person B, replacing any personal identifying information (such as email addresses, names, etc.) with pseudonyms or generic identifiers. Person B can then respond to the anonymized email, which will be relayed back to Person A without revealing any personal details.

I have already set up my account and successfully handled outgoing emails. However, I'm now seeking guidance on how to configure a webhook to intercept incoming emails, modify the content to anonymize personal information, and forward it to the intended recipient.

I have reviewed's documentation, but I couldn't find specific information on implementing this type of anonymization and proxy functionality. I would greatly appreciate any insights, best practices, or references to documentation that can help me achieve this goal using's services.

Thank you for your time and expertise in advance. I look forward to your valuable guidance.

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Hey @maxSolers 👋


While there may be some way to implement this, it would be — at best — patched together... currently doesn’t have any means to track email replies, so you would need to setup some kind of service to monitor for email replies, modify the email content to strip out PII, and then send the appropriate API calls to to forward that reply to the other customer.


I’m not familiar with any email service providers that handle this kind of email workflow, but if you know of any services, we’d love to take a closer look at how they are handling this kind of communication for inspiration. We have an open feature request to bring some form of email reply tracking/handling to (this has been long requested), but we have no ETA to share about that feature.