Get alerted when emails fail?

  • 31 August 2022
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Hi, is there a way to get notified when emails fail?


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I haven’t seen an automatic or default setting for this, though that would be useful. You could have a segment of people who have had email fail to deliver, suppressed, bounced, etc and then trigger a campaign from that segment. Then when new people enter that segment, in the campaign send a Slack message to yourself.

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Hey there, 

I can provide some assistance in the “Fail” error specifically. The “fail” error generally means that there is a liquid variable missing from the message - this can be checked for in the “review errors” section of the email builder prior to launching a campaign or broadcast.



One outside of the box workflow to consider is to leverage segmentation and a segment campaign trigger to create a failed message workflow.

Step 1 - Create a Segment to capture recently failed messages

Step 2- Use this segment to create a segment-based campaign

Step 3 - Define your campaign workflow

This step is obviously personal preference but let’s assume we want to trigger a slack message for each failed notification. Note: If you wish to send a failed message to yourself via email, you’ll simply hard code the recipient field in the message composer to your email address.

Step 3a (optional) - Add a webhook to fetch and store information about the delivery.

There are many reasons a message action may fail and not all require immediate investigation. For this reason I find it beneficial to print and store the most recent delivery information to the customer profile where a message failure occurred. Storing the response allows you to fetch information about the failure directly inline of the notification.

Get recent messages -

Store response -

Add Slack Alert -

Step 4 - Activate Campaign

Now that your alerting journey is all set and ready to go, it’s time to activate your campaign. You’ll set this campaign live just like any other campaign in One caveat to consider is that you’ll likely want to set this campaign to send to future matches of the trigger only.

I hope this workflow is straightforward enough to accomplish your use case!

Would it be possible to send an email notification to your own email about any new contact being adding to a ‘failed email’ segment if the company is not using Slack?