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What is the best way to set up what appears to be a forward email (i.e. FWD in subject, the FWD blurb, etc.)? We’ve tried to creating a template with the new text on top and if/then logic with FWD email at the bottom but I’m afraid some email clients won’t format this correctly (gmail vs. outlook)


Any tips from the pros?


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Hey Pipesearch,

There is a nice post about this in the knowledgebase (not easy to find, I know...). The post basically says - and I agree - you should not make motivate your recipients to forward an email because, as you mentioned already, the email will most likely break.

You can create a simple mailto-link and implement this as CTA (Check out Parcel’s generator to do this), which does not include any formatting (which can not break, though).

If you put more resources into it you also can create, as mentionend in the post, a landing page where your recipients can type in the “to be forwarded” email address. From there, you can trigger a campaing in CIO.

Hope that helps,


Thanks, Felix! Appreciate your links and response here. I came across the article you sent in the knowledgebase, and it’s a great reminder for encouraging customer forwards.


We were hoping to create an email that appears to be a forwarded email as part of workflow. (i.e. they get the first email, second email appears as a forward as the first email with text on-top) 


I’m learning that there seems to be no way to make this format perfectly, because email clients would receive this as a new email either way and it would not follow suit with their typically forwarded emails.