Enabling UTM Parameters in Customer.io

  • 12 October 2023
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Understanding and measuring the performance of a campaign is crucial. A specific query that has arisen concerns viewing UTM parameters in the link metrics of a campaign. These UTM parameters give you an insight into which marketing efforts are driving the most traffic and conversions. Let's dive into the issue and its resolution.



When analyzing the link metrics of a campaign, the expectation is to see the UTM parameters. However, these parameters might not be visible, raising questions about their activation.



We should first note that the UTM parameters won't be visible in the the link metrics, however you can always check that the UTM parameters are included with your links by clicking "Review links" within the email editor.

With regards to checking the activation, Customer.io offers a feature that enables UTM parameters across the workspace. This feature applies the UTM parameters to all links sent out via emails. To access this feature, navigate to 'Workspace settings' -> 'URL parameters'. You can read more about it in the URL parameters documentation

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