Email sending restrictions?

  • 31 January 2023
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Is there a limit on how many emails I can send per day? What are the restrictions for email campaigns? 


I read that were API rate limits but are those hard limits? Would I be able to increase my limit?


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Hey Jeff! 

You don’t have a limit of emails you can send per day, in the sense that we don’t stop you from getting messages out to your customers. You do have a limit of included messages in your pricing plan though, which basically means that you will start to see overage charges applied to your account after you exceed this included limit. We never stop sending them though, so you won’t be cut off!

On the flip side, if you want to limit the send rate of a broadcast you can do that easily in the setup steps: 

And you can also control the frequency of a campaign so that people only receive messages from it within the limits you set:

API rate limits are set to a requested limit of 100 per second. Like your email messages though, we won’t cut you off if you exceed this - you will just receive a message asking you to rate limit your API calls. 

Lots of info and options there! Can you tell me any more about how limits are applying to your work? I’d love to chat some more about what you might be running into and the best way to handle it.