Editing emails across editors

  • 31 January 2023
  • 2 replies

If an email is uploaded and edited to the WYSIWYG content editor in HTML, can I edit that email using the WYSIWYG editor without manually editing the HTML code?

2 replies


Hey Jeff!

Right now it’s not possible to convert a Drag & Drop email into a HTML email. You can however, add HTML as a building component to it. 


Hope this helps :) 


There are three editors, and each has some tools for working with HTML:

If you choose to import the HTML into the code editor, there is a really helpful tool for working with HTML emails visually: Inspect Mode. It let’s you visually select items within an email to more easily understand where in the HTML you need to make changes:

If you choose the Rich Text editor, there there is some limited visual editing you can do on the HTML you import - things like changing the text and basic formatting.