Display Rows Based on Segment?

  • 27 September 2022
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Hi all! Is there any way to show/hide a row based on segment instead of specific attributes? I’m building an email that’s going to parents/family members of the students in our system, but those students could be at any stage in our funnel (lead, applicant, admit, enrolled) and I’d love to not have to build out four parent emails, instead just showing the appropriate CTA button based on their student’s segment (e.g., if your student needs to deposit, you’d see the deposit button because your student is in the segment ‘needs to deposit’). Does this make sense? 

TIA for any guidance! 

1 reply

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@meaghanconly What are the conditions for the `needs deposit` segment (and how do parents enter it)? Are you opposed to saving/updating funnel stage as an attribute on the customer?