Difference between "text" and "paragraph" email block?

  • 3 May 2023
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Hi there, in the drag-and-drop email editor there appears to be both “text” and “paragraph” block types. They seem nearly identical except for one thing:

  • Paragraph blocks pull certain formatting parameters to the block-level, rather than being able to change it per-character.

For one example, text alignment (left, right, center, justified): in a paragraph block, the whole block must have the same alignment, whereas in a text block you could specify each line to have a different alignment.

If this is indeed their only difference, any best practices to follow?



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Hey divinetomedy,

I checked the documentation of the template engine CIO is using (BEE) and it seems like the block “text” has been retired in March 2022, replaced by “paragraph” and “list”. I am pretty sure the reason behind it is the HTML code that is created:

It seems like the two paragraphs created here need less code than the two texts. I assume this is part of the update they did regarding the size of their code (Gmail clipping etc.) some time ago.


I would suggest using paragraph instead of text, because they might shut down this block (BEE apparently did that already).


Hope that helps,


Super helpful - thanks Felix! I’ll rework my emails now since I’m still at the early stages of creating them.