Can mailto links be trackable

  • 26 June 2023
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Is it possible to make a mailto: link trackable? For some reason it is not and I cannot find any settings to make it so


Best answer by Felix 27 June 2023, 06:47

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Hey vivavo,

this lies in the nature of tracking. The “mailto” link is not opening a browser (because it doesn’t have to) - it opens the email software/app. This also means there is no redirect happening in the browser in order to track the link.

I think you could create a landing page that redirects directly to your “mailto” link and use the landing page url in your email in order to track the link. But this also would mean there are more obstacles and things that could go wrong (page not loading or loading too slow) which might stop your recipients from sending you an email. Also, when the link is clicked in the inbox it will open the browser only to then redirect back to the inbox. Not the soomthest way I guess 🙂

Hope that helps,



Hey vivavo.
I’m late to the party, but in addition to Felix’s respond (Thanks, Felix 😊), I recommend checking this Community post: How to exit a Campaign when a reply is received, where Nancy shared:

Though by default does not track mailto: links, you can override this behavior with a bit of Liquid.

In this case, we just replace the URL with the mailto: link and email address so that it looks something like this:

{% cio_link url:'' track: true url_params: false %}

Note, since this link will not drive to a web page there is not need to add url parameters, thus we specify the url_params  as false. The link will open a new message in your recipient’s email editor of choice .


I hope it helps!