Can i use liquid in url fields?

  • 14 April 2023
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So I am trying to use liquid in the <a href=”{{liquid}}”> and in <img src=”{{liquid}}”. 


{{liquid}} is placeholder for my example.


But in the preview and debugger it says this: 


Link should be an absolute url.



. and the images and link dont get printed when i send a ‘test’ email.


Will it also not work when i publish it to production? Is there a work around?


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Hi @fkkm1999!

Thank you for posting to our Community! I'm happy to help with your Liquid question. :)

You should be able to use Liquid for your href and src values. The %7B%7B and %7D%7D represent {{ and }} in the URL that is rendered. This is because URLs can only be sent over the Internet using the ASCII character set, and any non-ASCII characters in the link, such as these symbols will be automatically encoded.

With Liquid you should be able to forgo the quotes. For example, I have a customer attribute referral_link with the value of and image_link. starting with….png. In the code editor, I am using the following:

<a href={{customer.referral_link}}>Tell a friend!</a>
<img src={{customer.image_link}}>

These links pass validation and are rendered properly when sending the email.

If this doesn’t help, would it be possible to share a screenshot with us of what you’re seeing in the code editor along with the attribute value for recruitee_job_url?