Are e-mails automatically mobile optimized?

  • 1 February 2023
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Will my e-mail templates automatically be mobile optimized and web responsive (automatically adjusts to different browser sizes) by default? Or is there a setting I need to toggle to do this?

1 reply

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Hey Cian! 

Great to see you posting again in here :) 

You’ll be pleased to hear that does indeed have responsive display settings by default for email.

There are also options such as "do not stack on mobile" or "hide on mobile" / "hide on desktop". The latter can be used to display a content block that you have styled specifically for mobile but would like to hide on desktop. It’s covered in the section of the Docs about the options for Row settings and responsiveness.

With that said, desktop, web, and mobile email clients all use different engines to render an email. In this particular context, one of the contributing factors to this would be that “responsive” emails are difficult because support for what “responsive” means can change across clients. For this reason, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to test your Emails before sending.

Hope this is helpful! If you find any tips and tricks for working with different clients, let me know ;)