WPFORMS Not working

  • 17 February 2023
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Hello, I am using wpforms and have also tried but for some reason my forms are not being catptured by i have confirmed the js snippet is on both and still not luck the form is at under the subscribe section of the page but data is not being sent and the other form is at and both forms do not send data. 


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Hello miadoesstuff,


The problem that I have seen with forms before is that the form does not meet the requirements in the documentation here.

I see that the form on this page,,  is nested inside <iframe> tag, per the documentation on the site, the form must not be inside an <iframe> 

And the form must have fields with name attributes; name is how CIO identify non-textarea fields and map them to attributes.


Could you check the above points and reconnect the form to see if it works?