Send a slack notification when new person in created in CIO

  • 4 April 2023
  • 1 reply

Hi there!
We would like to send a Slack notification from CustomerIO, everytime new person is added to CustomerIO via API.
Could someone please help me on how we can configure this in CustomerIO ?

1 reply

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Hey Alex,

in order to achive this, you will have to create a segment in CIO where to capture everyone who is new. you can do this by choosing “cio_id exists” or use the sample segment “Signed-up”.

Then, you can create campaign in which you send a webhook from CIO to Slack. In order to do this you will to

  1. setup Slack accordingly
  2. create a webhook url to use in CIO

You can find all information about how to do this here. You can also use Slacks Block Kit builder to create nicely formated Slack messages.


In the CIO campagin, make sure a person can not be selected a second time (frequency toggl off) and before starting the campaign, make sure only people who enter the segment in the future will be selected.


Hope that helps,

Felix 🙂