Query the '/v1/customers?email=' with email that contains '+' sign

  • 25 October 2023
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Hi Team,

I integrated the backend with and it’s working fine except for some corner cases.

We have some customers with non-standard emails - their emails contain a ‘+’ sign.
The API, which I’m using in the backend, doesn’t retrieve existing customers.
I’ve tried to apply encoding to the URI, and even partially encoding applied only to the ‘+’ sign, but the result was not successful.

The interface the customer accessible via<workspace_id>/journeys/people?

and the email is fully encoded.

I hope we soon find a solution,
Thank you


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Hi Alexey,


This is Byron from the technical support team. Great question! I did a little testing using cURL and Postman and was able to retrieve results from both by encoding the `+` symbol in the request with `%2B`. I see you mentioned that you tried that without success, so we may need a little more information about the full request you sent.



curl --request GET \   --url '' \   --header 'Authorization: Bearer <myToken>'










{   "results": [     {       "email": "",       "id": "testid",       "cio_id": "f8e50643443201ffe501"     }   ] }


I also tested encoding `@` to `%40` and that also worked for both cURL and Postman.

Hi Byron,

Wow, the `curl` works fine with encoding the `+`,
Let me figure out what’s wrong with Spring RestTemplate (Java)

Thank you so much for your quick response!